Pimping Liferay's Sign In portlet

Authentication Look & Feel plugin

You'll probably agree that the standard look & feel of the Liferay Sign In portlet looks kinda basic.

The people at Liferay probably didn't invest in this because most customers will customise the portlet with the company's own branded look & feel anyway.

But what if you want a catchy look & feel that is focussed on convincing your users to use the social media login over the standard email/password login or registration?

In that case, the best way is to make sure the social media login buttons are as recognisable as possible and are displayed before the email/password login form.

That's why we decided to create a plugin that styles the login buttons in a familiar way, so they are easily recognisable and using the social media platform's brand colour and logo:

You can read more about it here and see a live demo here.

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